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Understanding 1A Hair Type

Wondering what 1a hair type is? Or you probably are not sure what your hair type is? Here’s an answer for you. If your hair is stick straight with no curls or waves and is a bit scanty but shiny, you definitely have the 1a hair type.

It is a fact that not everyone has the same hair type, so you must know hair types are determined by genetics. There are basically four types of hair and these include; type 1, type 2, type 3 and type 4.

Type 1 is usually straight

Type 2 is wavy

Type 3 is curly and

Type 4 is kinky.

These four types of hair are further subcategorized into type a, b and c, so type 1 has 1a, 1b, and 1c, same as for type 2, 3 and 4. It is also necessary that you know that type 1a, is not the same as 1b and 1c, the only similarity is that they all fall under the straight hair type. 1a hair type is 100% straight, has no waves or curls. 1A hair type is a very rare hair type, which is mostly found among women of Asian descent.

It sounds like the most pretty hair type, but can be pretty tricky. The good thing is, you do not need to worry about straightening it, as it is already straight.

This article will help you understand 1a hair and will also guide on the ways you can take care of your 1a hair type.

How to Identify 1A Hair Type

  • 100% straight, no curls or waves
  • It is usually  difficult to curl
  • It is always shiny and oily because it is naturally, a healthy hair type
  • It usually flat with little or no volume
  • Very few Asian women have this hair type as it is a rare hair type.

Benefits of Having 1A Hair Type

  • It has smooth and shiny strands
  • It is stick straight, you won’t need to worry about straightening
  • It doesn’t get dry easily since it is almost always oily.
  • It is frizz resistant: even if you get dipped in a pool, you have nothing to worry about as it doesn’t get curly easily.

Challenges of 1A Hair Type

  • It is a very stubborn hair type, it gets tangled easily
  • It lacks volume; 1a hair is known for its thinness, most people complain of this hair type being too flat
  • It is prone to breakage due to how strong it is
  • It is difficult to maintain and style
  • It is always oily.

How To Care For Your 1A Hair

This hair type can be pretty tricky and difficult to maintain. Here’s how to take good care of your 1a hair.

  1. Regular trimming
  2. Brush regularly to maintain the fine strands
  3. Wash two or three times in a week, do not wash it daily, as hair type already lacks volume, to reduce of breakage.
  4. Do not sleep with wet hair, always ensure to dry your hair before going to bed and
  5. Only use satin pillowcases and bonnets and avoid cotton materials.
  6. Avoid using heavy hair products as hair is naturally prone to grease. Use light hair products.

Styling Your 1A Hair

  • Side parting
Understanding 1A Hair Type
lady with a long side-parted hair

Side parting is one way to style your 1a hair type. Worried about how to do the side parting? It is quite easy if you want to do it yourself. You can also visit a saloon to get it done for you.

  • Curling
Understanding 1A Hair Type

Since hair is naturally straight, you may want to try rocking something different by putting hair into curls.

  • Bob
Understanding 1A Hair Type
bob cut hair style

A bob cut is an ideal way to style your 1a hair considering how thin the hair usually is.

  • Side braids

You can also try doing the side braids. Side braids hides the thinness of your hair, it will make your strands appear thick.


Understanding your hair type helps you take good care of it. So if your hair falls under the 1a hair type, you should know that your hair type has its ups and downs, one day you are getting tons of compliments and the next day you are struggling to style it. Taking good care of your hair is key to maintaining your beauty.

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