Straight Eyebrows [Your Desired Look]

Straight eyebrows is now a trend in the beauty world which has come to stay and will stay for quite some time. Although the straight eyebrows looks simple, it is gradually gaining ground over other eyebrow styles due to its natural vibe.

The straight eyebrows is becoming one of the most sort after eyebrow styles for both males and females due to its soft and natural vibe is also believed to give out a youthful and innocent look. This eyebrow draws the eye inward toward the center of the face, to frame and beautify the face.

Before we set in, note that the straight eyebrow grows in a straight line.

How To Get Straight Eyebrows

Some people are born naturally with straight eyebrows, while some aren’t, Thus they take up the task of fixing the eyebrow to their required shape. To achieve this simple yet gorgeous eyebrows shape you should follow these simple steps:

1. Plucking: is the first step when it comes to achieving the natural and innocent look made possible by wearing a straight eyebrow. Before making your eyebrows you want to ensure that no extra hairs are stopping you from achieving your desired eyebrow style. In case you find some hair falling out of shape you need to pluck them out. to also ensure you are doing it right you should make a mental image of the shape or better still draw a line to guide you while plucking.

You need to be careful while plucking to avoid pulling off the important ones. But in case you end up plucking the right one by mistake, you can fill the space with a product. And in case of an obvious arch make use of the little amount of concealer around the area

2. Outline: Most people make mistakes when it comes to picking the right eyebrow pencil for their eyebrow hair. however, to achieve the perfect straight eyebrow look, the key is to use an eye pencil that matches your eyebrow colour.

Note: In most cases if you can’t find an eyebrow pencil colour that matches your eyebrow hair, you should consider combining two or more pencils, and if you don’t know which to combine, ask the makeup expert when you go to buy the eyebrow pencil.

Then you need to start outlining the eyebrow in a straight line from the inner part to the end. You will have to create a thin outline as you will be filling it next.

3. Filling: This is another area you need to exercise caution in as filling too much will lead to over-colouring. So when shading the eyebrows, you want to do this gradually, and you should start with light shading, as this will help you know where to add more colour, or better still make use of the stroke method.

4. Blending: Just like most cases where you mix things up to gain a smooth result, is also applicable here, as after applying the eyebrow colour, you have to blend them in to achieve a stunning result.

You need to make sure the lines are no longer visible if you make use of the stroke method to fill the eyebrow, and the colour is not dripping out of the shape.

If the colour is falling out of the eyebrow shape, you have to gently extract it, as this disturbs the appearance of the eyebrow.

In this process do not disturb the colour of the eyebrow, as you will have to redo the segment in case of any mistake.

Note: Do not attack the eyebrow when blending, be as gentle as a feather.

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