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Shark Bites Piercing [A Complete Guide]

Shark bites piercing has four piercings in total, two pairs of which are inserted in each corner of the mouth under the lower lip. Shark bites piercing is also known as double snake bites or double lip piercing because it is made to resemble an external shark tooth. Similar to Ashley piercings, shark bites piercings are frequently performed with labrets; however, four labret studs are required for shark bites piercing.

Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about getting the shark bites piercing. An expert piercer, a needle, jewelry, and gauze are all you need. How is it done? Read below.


  1. Consultation: If you have decided to get shark bites piercing, you must first speak with a specialist.
  2. Cleaning the area: Your piercer will take care of disinfecting and cleansing the area.
  3. Marking out the points: Once the piercing points have been marked, your piercer will proceed to pierce them with your approval. This is done after the cleaning is complete.
  4. Piercing proper: Following the marking, the piercer will continue by making the piercings in the locations indicated by the markings by placing a needle into each location and installing the jewelry. In order for your piercings to heal properly, he or she will continue by giving you information on the aftercare routine to adhere to.


You are probably wondering if shark bites piercings actually hurt. Yes they do! If you have experience with other piercings, you should be aware that receiving a piercing hurts because a foreign object is being inserted through your skin, which might cause little discomfort. The same as with other types of piercings, shark bites piercing hurt.

Although each person experiences pain differently, your ability to tolerate the pain also matters. Your lips will swell or get sore after getting pierced; this may only last a short while. However, you should visit your piercer as soon as possible if you feel significant pain or if the swelling doesn’t go down after few days.

If your jewelry is continually rubbing against your teeth and gums, it may cause damage to your teeth or gums, making shark bites piercings not the best option for your teeth. In order to prevent any negative effects, you must follow to strict aftercare.
How long will it take to heal?

How Long Will it Take to Heal?

Typically, it takes 8 to 12 weeks for shark bites piercings to fully heal. Compared to other lip piercings, the healing process is quicker. However, your level of strictness with regard to your aftercare routine and how skilled your piercer is also affect how soon you heal, which is why a more experienced or an expert piercer is usually recommended

Possible Side Effects

Complications and risk, as with many other piercings, often arise and may impede the healing process of your piercing. The following are some of the potential complications associated with shark bites piercing that you should be aware of:
1. Infections
Because your piercings are open, bacteria can enter. As a result, adhering strictly to your aftercare routine will help reduce your chances of getting infected.
2. Lip Swelling
It is normal for your lips to swell after getting piercings. Applying a cold compress to the swollen area on a regular basis will help reduce the swelling. However, if the swelling becomes excessive, it is best to see your piercer because it could be a sign of a complication.
3. Tooth and gum damage

Like I said earlier, shark bite piercings may not be ideal enough for your teeth and gums considering the piercing placements, this is because your jewelry will rub against your teeth and gums and may cause damage or irritation. Using a shorter jewelry may reduce the possibility of tooth and gum damage.
4. Nerve damage caused by improper piercing procedure.

How to Take Care Of Your Shark Bites Piercing

  1. Every day, practice good oral hygiene.
  2. Use saline solution or alcohol-free mouthwash to rinse your mouth at least twice per day.
  3. Avoid touching your piercings, particularly with dirty hands. If you must, make sure to touch it with clean hands.
  4. Avoid playing with the jewelry as this could delay the healing process.
  5. Avoid oral intercourse with anyone, especially kissing.
  6. Eat less spicy and sticky food until your piercing has fully healed, and refrain from changing your jewelry.
  7. To lessen the swelling, keep your head elevated while you sleep and apply a cold compress to the affected area.
  8. Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

Replacing Your Studs

Changes to jewelry should not be made while the wound is still healing since they risk injuring the area or perhaps spreading infection. To avoid further issues, you must visit your piercer if you think you might need to change your jewelry sooner than expected owing to a variety of circumstances. Aside this, keep your jewelries in place at all times.

N/B: the cost of shark bites piercing varies depending on the location; however, to ensure a clean work, look for a piercer with plenty of experience.

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