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Septum Piercing (Everything you need to know)

The thin wall that separates the left and right airways in the nose, dividing the nostrils is what is often called septum. These days, septum piercing is one of the trends, you find people walking the streets with a piece of jewelry dangling between their nostrils, out rightly flaunting it and you can’t help but admire the beauty in it.

Most persons wearing the magnetic nose rings and quite a number having hoops in the middle of their noses. You are probably convinced enough to want to join the trend and here you are looking up how to get your septum pierced. You are on the right track!

Septum piercing is not your regular nose piercing but it’s not very much different from the regular. All you need is a good/experienced piercer, a nose ring, a needle, and wipes/gauze.

How Painful Is It?

As a matter of fact, all piercings are painful! Septum piercing does hurt just like other piercings, which is why an experienced piercer is recommended, to avoid mistakes. The needle shouldn’t go through the cartilage, only the soft tissues.

Your piecer will be able to locate this soft tissue and will avoid the cartilage. Bleeding is natural during septum piercing as bleeding is a normal reaction to any piercings and you may shed a tear as your eyes will definitely get watery. Your ability to tolerate the pain is extremely important. Howbeit, the pain is less compared to that of the regular nose piercing.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Septum piercings usually take up to three to six months to heal fully. However, to hasten the healing process, it is adviced to take absolute care of it, follow proper aftercare and be very careful, consider it as a new piercing always and refrain from touching it unnecessarily.

Do not try to change the ring until it is fully healed, changing your jewelry too quickly can cause irritation and might as well delay the healing process. If you really need to change your jewelry we advise visiting your piercer.

What Aftercare Is Needed For A Septum Piercing?

As with any piercing, aftercare is key. For most piercings, professionals usually recommend the use of sterile saline solution and sterilised non-woven gauze, to gently clean away any dirt, clean the jewellery lightly without turning the ring, once or twice, daily until the piercing has fully healed.

What You Shouldn’t Do After Getting A Septum Piercing

These are some of the things you shouldn’t do after getting you septum pierced.

  1.  Do not traumatize your septum piercing. If you ever have to blow your nose for any reason during the septum piercing healing process, blow gently into a clean tissue, and discard the tissue. Do not squeeze your nose, just dab the tissue gently on your nose.
  2. You should avoid playing with your jewelry throughout the healing process, too. In fact, it’s best not to touch your jewelry at all except when you’re cleaning your septum piercing, and then only after thoroughly washing your hands.
  3. Don’t let bacteria infiltrate your septum piercing.
  4. Don’t apply soap to your septum piercing, even while bathing.
  5. Don’t apply creams, oils, balms, or ointments to your septum piercing. These things can clog your piercing hole and can attract bacteria and as well cause infection.
  6. Don’t change your jewelry prematurely. it’s best to visit your piercer if you feel the need to change your jewelry. Otherwise, do not change your jewelry before your piercing is fully healed.
  7. Don’t smoke, or at least minimize your nicotine Intake until you are fully healed as it will hinder your healing process.

Will It Close Up?

Like every other piercings, septum piercings can close years later if left without a jewelry on. Keep the jewelry in your nose at all times so the hole doesn’t close up.

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