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How to Maintain Oil Slick Hair Color [4 Steps]

What comes to your mind when you hear of oil slick hair? You probably won’t think oil or gasoline because this is about beauty. Well, let’s help you refresh.  When you were young, do you recall how mesmerizing the hazy hues that were reflected in gasoline puddles were?

Modern colorists gave the oil slick hair trend life by being inspired by this beautiful and genuinely uncommon play of colors. Oil slick hair is sometimes called oil spill hair. Oil slick hair color is a sort of hair coloring that is similar to that of color reflections of oil and gasoline in puddles. Read on for everything you need to know about oil slick hair coloring.

Oil slick hair color hit the trend few seasons ago. Regarding the first appearance, it incorporates purple, magenta, green, and cobalt, etc. Oil slick hair color is rich in colors as every lady has her own image of the kind of coloring she wants. The primary style was focused entirely on the dark bases, the trend was initially developed for daring brunettes. However, it has no restrictions, so now girls with blonde hair can follow the fad, but in a different way.

This color scheme needs less upkeep than other multicolored styles since it uses colors that will last longer on you—bolder, stronger colors.

How to Pick Hair Color for Oil Slick Hair

You should usually leave it to a professional/colorist if you have your eye on a sophisticated look with many graduations and tricky color arrangement. But it doesn’t mean you can’t DIY the fashion. Many ladies are accustomed to coloring their own hair, so if you enjoy DIY projects, you can also copy the style.

  1. The portions you wish to color must first be bleached (if this is your first time, it is best to use bleach from the same brand as the dye).  
  2. Choosing the type of color experiment you wish to do is the next step. Your color can be temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent. How to use these three is explained here!
  3. Temporary hair dyes wash out with just one shampoo, making them ideal for quick but impactful makeovers. Use as many colors as you’d like, but make sure they’re all the same type of dye.
  4. For ladies who don’t want to permanently alter their hair color but still want to take full advantage of the change, semi-permanent hair colors endure about  4–10 shampoos, but will definitely wash out.
  5. For girls who want their oil-slick coloring to endure as long as possible, permanent hair dyes are available in pink, blue, and green. Although the quality and upkeep of the dyes affect how long they persist, on general, the color only lasts for about 5 months.

How to Maintain Color in Oil Slick Hair

Nothing compares to stepping out of the shower to find that your color work has faded too quickly. Making your color stay longer demands the correct maintenance routine in addition to a new attitude towards hair care.

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  1. Use only products that are color-safe. For the pigments to be preserved and the color to remain unaffected, your shampoo, conditioner, and styling products should be made for colored hair.
  2. Take a cool shower and wash your hair. Hot water causes the hair to wash off more quickly by opening up the hair cuticle, exposing it to harm. It is preferable to switch to a cool mode for that purpose.
  3. Put an end to heat styling. Heat always causes harm. Your hair is more vulnerable to damage than ever when it comes to bleached hair, whether it’s your full mane or a few sections.
  4. Less frequently, shampoo your hair. It’s really that simple: the less often you wash your hair, the longer the color lasts. You can use dry shampoo if your scalp tends to become greasy quickly.

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