How to Apply Glitter Eyeliner (5 steps)

Glitter eyeliner is ideal for social occasions, first dates or just a playful everyday look. If you have been envious of other ladies’ glitter eyeliners, learn how to recreate the look for yourself by applying glitter eyeliner. You can create gorgeous sparkly eye looks in a matter of minutes even if you are not a makeup artist. This article will guide you on how to apply glitter eyeliner with ease. Read below.

What you need:

  • Glitters with adhesive
  • Primer
  • Eye shadows(preferably in nude colors)
  • Make up brushes
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner (black)
  • Eyelashes(optional)    

How to apply glitter eyeliner

  1. Setting the base:

To apply glitter eyeliner, you will need to set your base by doing a little make up ground work.  You will start by applying primer (eye shadow primer precisely) to your eyelids using a small fluffy brush or your fingertips beginning from your lash line to the edges of your brows. Applying primer will help your eye makeup last longer

  • Apply some eye shadow

After applying your primer, you apply your nude eye shadow using either a flat brush or your fingertips. You may also choose to shade your crease, to make your eye shadow work really pop. Your crease should be a bit darker than the other parts of your eyelids when you are done, and blend carefully.

  • Apply your black eyeliner

After applying eye shadow and shading your crease, you apply your black eyeliner on your upper lash line and create a subtle wing.

  • Apply your glitter liner (any color)

This is usually much easier if you have a glitter eyeliner, you just trace your glitter liner on your upper lash line. In the absence of a glitter liner, you dip a flat brush into the glitter dust, after applying an adhesive (glue) to the brush, then apply it to your upper lash line and extend it to the tip of your liner wings.

  • Finishing

When applying your glitter eyeliner, your finishing is also very important. You may choose to give your eyes some sparkly highlights, apply your mascara to your lashes to make it curl and fix your false lashes.

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If you are looking for something perfect for a casual day look. You can go with a simple wing glittering look.  After setting your base, you apply your glitter liner to your upper lash line tracing from the inner corner to the outer corner and extending it a little bit to create a simple wing, you can finish this look by applying your mascara and a false lashes.


A reversed wing glittering looks is also ideal. Subtle yet stylish. Apply your glitter liner to your lower lash line instead for this look, then extend the liner to create a wing. Then you drag the wing towards your upper lash line, and finish with mascara and false lashes.


Perfect for parties and date nights. Apply glitter eyeliner over a smokey eye. To do this, first apply a matte eye shadow on your eyelids and create a smokey eye look, then add some shimmer/glitters to the inner corner of your eyes. Finish this look with mascara and false lashes for an extra glamorous look.

There are also many other stunning eye looks you can create with glitter eyeliner. Glitter cut crease, reverse cat eye, inclusive. You can choose to upgrade you regular cat eye or cut crease look by adding some shimmer to it.

How to Remove Glitter Eyeliner

Glitter doesn’t get dissolved easily like other makeups. The easiest way to remove to remove glitter eyeliner is to use an oil-based makeup remover. Pour a good amount of it on a cotton pad and use it to wipe your eyelids, then wash your face with warm water, some make up artist recommend using micellar water with a face cleanser to remove any particle left.

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