Clear Magnetic Eyeliner

Clear magnetic eyeliner is just what it sounds like —an invisible eyeliner that is magnetic. Clear magnetic eyeliner is one of the latest trends in makeup. Picture replacing your bold black eyeliner with an invisible eyeliner, sounds cool I know!.

Well clear magnetic eyeliner has replaced the regular bold eyeliner and it as well serves the function of a glue for your magnetic lashes.  Beauty fanatics these days prefer having a somewhat natural look with their make up on compared to the regular dramatic looks.

You’ll see persons choosing nude colours rather than bright clolours for their eye shadows and lipstick even eyeliners, probably the reason for the production of magnetic eyeliners. If you are one of those who fancy looking natural even with make up on, you may want to add clear magnetic eyeliner application to your makeup routine.

Why Clear Magnetic Eyeliner?

It contains the iron oxide(a metal that provides the pull and attraction) which is common in all magnetic eyeliners but however, the clear magnetic eyeliner is different from the regular magnetic eyeliner because it contains an invisible iron oxide, which is also free of skin irritations.

When applied, clear magnetic eyeliner gives you a natural and precised appearance. Trust me you will certainly love the look and feel of clear magnetic eyeliner and lashes on your face.

How To Apply Clear Magnetic Eyeliner

Now you know what clear magnetic eyeliner is, ready to try it out? Applying clear magnetic eyeliner is actually quite simple. Here’s what to do;

1. Choice of magnetic eyelashes

The first step is to choose your preferred magnetic lashes. It has to be magnetic lashes as it is what works best with the magnetic liner. So you make your choice of lash style, something soothing and natural. You can open the lash pack but do not pull out the lashes from the pack untill you’re ready to use it.

2. Liner Application

Now carefully open your clear magnetic eyeliner and apply, tracing it carefully beginning from the inner corner of your lash line to the outer corner of your lash line, just as you apply a regular eyeliner making sure the line is thick enough to serve as a base for the lashes. After applying the clear magnetic eyeliner, you may want to wait for it to dry.

3. Fixing your magnetic lashes

After applying your clear magnetic eyeliner, the next thing you do is the put your false eyelashes on. Fixing your lashes is certainly not a big deal, all it takes is your will to do it and your patience. It is simple, you pull out your lashes from the lash pack, measure it with your normal lashes to see if it fits or needs trimming, trim it if necessary and then fix the lashes slowly following your liner line making sure to bend the lashes to fit your eye length and allowing for the magnet to work it’s magic and you’re all done.

Adding Clear Magnetic Eyeliner Application To Your Makeup Routine

Now you already know what clear magnetic eyeliner is and how to apply it basically. So just like I suggested, you might want to add it to your make up routine, and you might not be so sure of what to do, the reason I’m here for you. Here’s what to do

1. Begin With Base Laying

Base laying is simply your basic make up groundwork. I mentioned this in my previous post on face contouring, you should read it up, to help you understand. Even without wearing a full make over, you can still flaunt your clear magnetic eyeliner and lashes, but however, adding clear magnetic eyeliner to your make up routine gives you an added appearance.

You put all your other make up including your eye makeup (eyeshadow) on first before applying the clear magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes. This is absolutely necessary if you’re completely new to this otherwise, you’ll ruin your other make up if you put on the magnetic lashes first.

2. Apply Your Clear Magnetic Eyeliner

After you must have put on all your other make up, you wait for your eye makeup to dry before  carefully applying your clear magnetic eyeliner.

3. Apply Dry Mascara To Your Natural Eyelashes Before Applying The Magnetic Lashes

Your magnetic eyelashes do not cover up to the inner corners of your eyes only the outer corner, it is necessary to apply dry eye mascara to the inner corners of your eyes before putting on your magnetic lashes, this will help balance the look.

Removing Clear Magnetic Eyeliner And Magnetic Lashes

Step1: When removing magnetic lashes gently hold them between your thumb and index finger and shift them between your fingers gently till you feel the magnets come off, and pull it slowly away from your eyelashes.

Always ensure to put your magnetic lashes back into their original packs  in order to keep them safe and in shape and to avoid loosing their magnets. This is also part of caring for your lashes so that you can reuse them for as many times as you want. After taking off your lashes you will still have the eyeliner left, do not panic! and do not rub your eyes.

Step 2. Dip your cotton wool into your make up remover and gently clean your eyelids with it, carefully do not press on your eyes.

In the absence of a make up remover, you can simply dip your cotton wool in a baby oil or coconut oil and gently use it to clean your eyelids. You can also splash warm water on your eyelids to help dissolve the eyeliner before proceeding to rub the oil on your eyelids.

N/B: The baby oil or coconut oil can only be used in the absence of a make up remover, I usually recommend you use a make up remover as it will provide the results you desire.

Step 3. You might still have some dried mascara particles left (if you had used a mascara) around your eyes, you can just scratch them off with your nails and then clean your face especially the area around your eyes with a wipes and in the absence of one, you can use soap and water to wash your face and dry. You have successfully removed your magnetic eyeliner and lashes without trouble.

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