Bold Eyeliner [All you need to know]

Your eye makeup usually says a lot about you, most especially the eyeliner style. Just a stroke of eyeliner can change a your facial mood and look. Eyeliner is nothing new, it was first discovered by the ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians. It was their belief that wearing an eyeliner or any sort of eye makeup would protect them from evil spirits.

However, these days, people wear eyeliners for the beauty of it, the reason we have different types and styles of wearing eyeliners, from clear magnetic liners to bold eyeliners.

Why Bold Eyeliner?        

Bold eyeliner is the rage these days, from the last fashion week to euphoria, quite a number of people have picked interest in bold eyeliner. Everyone wants to try out the different bold eyeliner styles used by the fashion models. People are getting their eyes decorated to either create statements or just to add some dramatic Flare to their lives. 

Unlike the clear magnetic eyeliner which is invisible, bold eyeliner is very much visible, and gives you the dramatic look you need. Bold eyeliner comes in different colors, from dark colors to bright colors and seems to be like a fun way to be creative with your eye makeup. The good thing is that there are different ways to rock it. 

There are so many ways in which you can rock your bold eyeliner.  Even if you are completely new to bold eyeliner usage, this article will guide you through the various ways to create the bold eyeliner on yourself.

1. Winged Bold Eyeliner Look

There are different ways to rock your winged eyeliner, this is due to the fact that not everyone loves to look dramatic.  We have:

  1. Thick winged eyeliner
  2. Simple winged eyeliner
  3. All-round winged eyeliner
  4. Reversed eyeliner

Thick winged eyeliner:

You get this look by first using your eye shadow to create a base (using an angle brush) on your upper lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner as though you are applying a normal eyeliner, before outlining your upper lash line with your eye shadow and creating a wing.

To get your wing, you simply extend the eye shadow to create a small flick ‘something like a wing’, going up towards the end of your brow, then you make sure to add more eye shadow to the base of your eyes to make it very thick. Then you get your eyeliner (liquid) preferably and trace it over the eye shadow following the outline you created carefully and wait for it to dry.

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Simple winged eyeliner:

Not as complicated as the thick winged eyeliner. To get this look, you only need your eyeliner. You are simply outlining your upper lash line with your eyeliner, beginning from the inner corner to the outer corner and finally creating a simple wing. This look is simple yet classic and suitable for people who do not like to attract much attention.

All-round winged eyeliner:

Apply your eyeliner on both your upper lash line and your lower lash liner beginning from the inner corners to the outer corners and create a simple wing on your upper lash line, extend the wing towards your brow bone and then drag your lower lash outline to meet the wing you created, and there you go!

Reversed winged eyeliner

Just like the simple winged eyeliner. The only difference is that you will be doing the reversed winged eyeliner look on your lower lash line instead of the upper lash line.

2. Cut Crease/Graphic Eyeliner Look

Apply your eyeliner on your upper lash line, it could be any color of your choice, but chose a color that makes your eye color pop well, and create a simple wing. It is advised to do this with the eyes closed. Then you extend the wing to reach your eyebrow bone, making sure to blend it properly.

Then you create a cut crease, outlining from where you have your simple wing to the center of your eye where you have the crease. Make sure to make your crease line thick. And finally extended your crease line to your tear duct and blend properly, and apply your eye shadow and mascara and you are good to go.

3. Fishtail Bold Eyeliner Look

To get this look you have to first create a simple bold winged eyeliner, and then draw a small curved line outward from the lower lash line in a way that looks like a fish tail.  Make sure to thicken the outline enough to bring out the shape you need. 

There is also the colorful bold eyeliner look and of course the smoky eyeliner look. For each off these looks, you can always finish up with mascara and false lashes, to pull your looks together.

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