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Ashley Lip Piercing: A Simple Guide

Ashley piercing is quite an unusual piercing. One might be wondering why it is called Ashley piercing. The name is quite strange but most people assume it was first done by someone named Ashley, hence the name “Ashley lip piercing”. Apparently this is merely an assumption. The origin of the name is not known. If you are interested in getting an Ashley piercing, here’s what you should know.

Ashley lip piercing is one of the few lip piercings that is done on the lip. It is actually called the inverted or inverse vertical labret. This is because unlike the vertical labret, which has two piercing points, it only has one fixed point which is the center of the bottom lip. It is a single lip piercing which is usually done on the center of the bottom lip, when the jewelry is being inserted, the other end pops inside the mouth.

Ashley lip piercing gives you an added appearance and an extra attention, as it is one of those piercings that is extremely eye-catching. Anyone looking at you will most definitely notice your Ashley piercing first before anything else.

How it is done:

Unlike other lip piercings, Ashley lip piercing is done on the center of the bottom lip. Firstly, you need to consult an experienced lip piercer, to be sure it is safe to get pierced. If your piercer agrees that it is safe to pierce, you will need to be well prepared (both mentally and physically) for it. Ashley piercing doesn’t take time just like other piercings, in a few minutes, you are already done.

Your piercer will first clean the area. After the cleaning is done, he or she will mark the area that is to be pierced, and they might choose to use something to hold down the bottom lip or go freehand, whatever works. Then a needle is will be pushed through the outer part of your bottom lip to the back of the lip, and a jewelry will be inserted immediately.

This piercing must be done by a well experienced piercer, one who must have studied your anatomy first during your consultation as your piercer needs to take into account, your lips and teeth placement, as well as your veins and gum lining in order not to make mistakes. He has to be careful enough to avoid your veins while going through with your piercing and as well avoid any damage to your teeth or gum.

Pain and healing time frame

Piercings are generally painful, this is because a foreign object is being pushed through your body, you will definitely feel pain. Your ability to tolerate pain is extremely important, because the pain you feel while getting an Ashley piercing differs individually. You will feel pain definitely and your lips will swell for a few days.

Ashley lip piercings usually take up to 12 or 16 weeks to heal, if proper aftercare is followed. However if the swelling doesn’t reduce after few days you should visit your piercer or a doctor.

Type of jewelry to use

Usually, a labret stud is being used. A labret stud is a jewelry with a flat back and a ball like accessory on the front. It is high recommended for lip piercings. A longer labret is usually recommended for the start to aid the swelling, but however it is advised to switch to a shorter labret once the swelling is reduced to help keep your jewelry away from your teeth and gum, so you don’t injure yourself.


  1. Always keep the area clean
  2. Rinse your mouth with a saline solution at least twice daily
  3. Be careful not to traumatize the area
  4. Limit touching the jewelry and do not play with it
  5. Do not use lip stick until your piercing is fully healed
  6. Be mindful of what you eat, avoid sticky and spicy foods until your piercing is fully healed
  7. Avoid anything that contains alcohol and do not drink alcohol.

N/B: To change your jewelry, you will need to visit your piercer to be sure it is safe to change. If you are not one with great pain tolerance or patience, you might find this piercing uncomfortable, there are other options for you as there are other types of lip piercings to consider.

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