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Angel Bites Piercing(Everything You Need to Know)

Angel bites piercing is a type of lip piercing which is usually done on both sides of the philtrum (that is: on each sides of the upper lip). It is also called Madonna Monroe piercing because it is a combination of both Madonna and Monroe piercings, they are similar to snake bites piercing (which is usually below the lips). If you are considering getting angel bites piercing, here is what you should know.

How It Is Done

Just as with other piercings, for angel bites piercing, you first need to consult an experienced piercer, to go over the type of piercing you want, the placements and the type of jewelry to be used. Then you will need to book a session for your piercing. Once this is done, here are the other things to be done: 

Your piercer will first clean and disinfect the area. After the cleaning is done, he or she will mark the area that is to be pierced, and will use a clamp to separate your upper lip from your teeth and gum. Then a cannula needle will be pushed through the inside part of your upper lip to the outer part, and then a jewelry will be inserted immediately and then the process will be repeated for the second piercing.  

This piercing must be done by a well experienced piercer, one who must have studied your anatomy first during your consultation as your piercer needs to take into account, your lips and teeth placement, as well as your veins and gum lining in order not to make mistakes.


The location of the piercing is a very sensitive spot because of the nerve endings, (the upper lip), therefore, you will feel pain definitely and your lips will swell for a few days about 3 to 5 days.

It is also important to note that you will be sitting for two separate piercings, and at such, if you are not one with great pain tolerance or patience, you might find this piercing uncomfortable. However there are other types of lip piercings to consider.       


As with Ashley lip piercing, Angel bites also take about 12 to 16 weeks to heal fully if proper aftercare is followed. But the healing time usually varies for each person. During this period, you are advised to avoid eating spicy and sticky foods, also avoid chewing gum as it might irritate your piercing and may hinder your healing process. Even oral sexual advances like kissing is to be avoided as it may introduce some bacteria into the area.

Type of Jewelry Used

Labret studs are usually used for angel bites piercing. Your piercer will inform you on the type of jewelry to use, the size of jewelry and the type jewelry material that will not irritate your skin.


  • Always keep the area clean
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the area
  • Rinse your mouth with saline solution at least twice daily, when you wake up and before you go to bed.
  • Be careful not to traumatize the area
  • Limit touching the jewelry and do not play with it
  • Do not use lip stick until your piercing is fully healed
  • Be mindful of what you eat, avoid sticky and spicy foods until your piercing is fully healed
  • Avoid anything that contains alcohol and do not drink alcohol.

Possible Side Effects

1. Infections:

All piercing are prone to infections this is because the piercings are open and can attract bacteria. To reduce the risk of infections, it is advised that you follow proper aftercare.

2. Tooth or gum damage:

Your jewelry is likely to touch or rub on your teeth or gums. If this happens, it may cause damage or irritation to you gums or teeth. To avoid this, you might have to use a shorter jewelry

3. Swelling:

Swelling is most common after the first 3 to 5 days, using cold compress and sleeping with your head up can help reduce the swelling. However, if swelling does not reduce after the first few days you should visit your piercer.

Changing Out Your Studs

You need to visit your piercer to be sure it is safe to get changed if you need to change your jewelry.  

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