7 Incredible Purple Makeup Looks

Purple is one of the prettiest colors you can wear on your face, this is because purple has a particular quality that appeals to the eyes. It is also one of the most popular colors.  You’ve probably been eyeing that purple makeup shade in your box, wondering how to include it into your beauty routine without going too far in the direction of looking clownish or dramatic, if you are already used to neutral makeup colors. Read on for ideas on purple makeup (eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick) application.

Purple Eyeliner

If you want to join the purple beauty trend, start with a purple eyeliner for a modest splash of color before slipping to purple eye shadow and lipstick. Here are some purple eyeliner ideas for you!

  • Purple Winged Eyeliner
purrple makeup
Reversed/flip winged eyeliner

Consider wearing a purple winged eyeliner, it must not be a simple wing, you can try a reversed or flip winged eyeliner for a different look. You are simply going to have to wear your simple wing liner on your lower eyelids not your upper eyelids. A reverse or flip looks more cool and dramatic when a colored liner is used. 

  • Bold Purple Eyeliner

If you are thinking of going extra, a bold purple liner is an ideal choice.

First line your upper eyelids with a matching pencil eyeliner, coat it once and apply a matching liquid liner.

  • Purple Glitter Eyeliner
glitter eyeliner
Purple Glitter Eyeliner

A purple glitter eyeliner is ideal for a date, party, etc. you can also use purple glitters as eye shadow for an extra look.

Purple Eye Shadow

 If you have green eyes, you are extremely lucky, purple eye shadow will definitely look good on you as purple and green are a good combination since they are complementary colors. However, it doesn’t really matter what eye color you have if you want to wear purple eye shadow. Warm purple colors are perfect for brown eyes and cool purple looks good on blue eyes. Read below for ideas on wearing purple eye shadow.

  • Purple Smokey Eyes
7 Incredible Purple Makeup Looks

Purple really makes one’s eyes pop. If you love a Smokey eye look, you should consider using purple eye shadow for a little bit of creativity. Prime your eyelids, and apply a matte purple eye shadow, and then a shimmery shade beneath your crease, and apply purple eye shadow on your lower lash line and on the outer corners of your eyes and you are set.

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  • Dreamy Purple Eyes
7 Incredible Purple Makeup Looks

For a dreamy purple eye look, you can combine a few cool colors, like purple, with lilac and pink. Finish the look with a matching purple eyeliner preferably a winged eyeliner.

  • Purple Cut Crease
7 Incredible Purple Makeup Looks

Cut crease eye shadow is part of the trends, so you may not want to miss wearing a purple cut crease shadow on your eyes. A purple cut crease really makes your eyes pop. Try finding different shades to play with.

Purple Lipstick

7 Incredible Purple Makeup Looks

If purple lipstick has captured your attention, but you feel you could never pull it off, it is totally understandable, or are you wondering if purple lipstick will suit your complexion? Well YES! Purple lipstick is for every skin color, the key is to find a shade that complements your skin color. Whether you are light skinned or dark skinned, you can wear a purple lipstick and still look fantastic, since it comes in different shades. Purple is undoubtedly the new red! Here’s how to apply purple lipstick.

  • Lip Scrub

Start by scrubbing your lips to clear dead cells, you can get a lip scrub set to achieve this, as it is necessary if you need your lipstick to be smooth and well blended.

  • Apply Primer or Concealer/Foundation

After scrubbing your lips, you apply your primer or concealer or foundation, to make the lipstick last.

  • Line Your Lips

Line your lip with a purple lip liner and

  • Apply Purple Lipstick

Apply your purple lipstick beginning from the center of your lips, to the outer edges of both your upper and lower lips.

  • Coating

Coat your lips with the purple lipstick again, for a defined effect.      

  • Set Your Lips

Apply a little amount of setting powder on your lips using a powder brush gently, and you are all done.

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